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Jermichael Mitchell is a Poet, Author, Event Coordinator, Philanthropist, and Community and Youth Activist.  He was born and raised in rural Salisbury on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  He used writing to escape the madness in life of which he had no control.  His love for the pen and paper and his passion for poetry was fueled in elementary school when he was first taught the basics of poetry.  Mr. Mitchell’s childhood experiences and his use of poetry to cope with those experiences has extended into the community that he loves so much, particularly in working with the youth who are struggling as he did. 

Mr. Mitchell is the co-founder and President of the non-profit organization KIDZ Reaching our Children Youth Basketball Program, (“KIDZ R.O.C.”) where youth are encouraged to become a part of their community in learning life skills, values, and morals through the use of basketball.  He is also the Vice-President of the Extraordinary League of Gentleman (E.L.O.G. Incorporated) where youth males learn etiquette, diversity, and interpersonal relationships through the arts and culture.

Mr. Mitchell’s passion and hard work in the community have not gone unnoticed.  In 2012, he was awarded the N.A.A.C.P. Community Service Award and was the recipient of the 10th Annual Salisbury Advisory Council on Youth Activities Honoree Award.  In 2013, Mr. Mitchell earned the Governor’s Service Award for AmeriCorps.  In 2017, it was announced that the City of Salisbury will be donating $100,000 towards a facility to house his after-school program (the previous building has been demolished).  In addition, he has received other countless trophies/awards for coaching basketball,


Jermichael Mitchell’s favorite saying is that, “The accolades mean nothing, if I am not truly making a difference.”  His passion for today’s youth burns deep and he persistently urges them to have meaning in life through his words, deeds, and actions.  His love for philanthropy shines through every child he reaches. 

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